Hand crafted leather golf shoes from Italy

As worn by Miguel Ángel Jiménez & Gary Player

The constant use of only the best hides, the craftsmanship passed down from father to son and the passion for this work has remained unchanged. Three generations of Nebuloni’s have mastered the art of designing and making only the finest quality, hand made, all leather shoes.

Hand Crafted

Nebuloni golf and casual shoes set the standard for quality. Our shoes are made from all natural materials, which allow for the maximum breathability and comfort on and off the golf course. Nebuloni shoes are the premier in combining a comfortable fit with classic style for people who appreciate timeless elegance.

Exclusive hand crafted golf shoes by Nebuloni

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All styles of Nebuloni shoes are available in any combination of leather, colour and sole. In addition, they can be ordered in any size (ladies from 34 to 43, gentlemen from 39 to 48) including half sizes and several widths (ladies from Narrow to Double Wide, gentlemen from Narrow to Triple Wide) fittings.

Typically, the Main Leather choice will be the toecap and heel area and the Relief Leather choice will be the area with the laces. Where only one colour is possible, there will only be a Main Leather choice.


Soles are available in Leather Spike (1), Leather (2), Rubber (3) and Rubber Spike (4).

Nebuloni Shoe Soles


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