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Unless you are ordering a pair of shoes from our offers page, each pair of Nebuloni shoes are individually handmade at the point of order. As a result, they will take 10 working days days to make and a further 3-5 for shipping, depending on your location.

In our individual custom range there are shoes for Gentlemen and shoes for Ladies, some of which are for both.

The shoes can be ordered for playing golf with Spikes or as dress shoes without spikes. See soles below.


One of the most difficult things about ordering shoes on the web is determining the correct size.

Click on the image below to download our shoe sizes chart. Apart from the usual conversion between regional sizes, at the bottom there is the size of foot the shoe should fit in both inches and centimetrers.

Nebuloni Shoe Sizes


Our shoes come is several widths

  • Narrow
  • Regular
  • Wide
  • Double Wide
  • Triple wide

Unless you take a wider fitting in your usual shoes, then Regular would be fine in our shoes too.


Our shoes can be ordered with one of four different soles: Typically the first two, with spikes, are for playing golf. The plain leather sole is typically when ordering them as a dress shoe. The plain rubber sole can either be used for walking, or maybe for golf training.

  1. Leather Spike
  2. Rubber Spike
  3. Leather
  4. Rubber

Click on one of the images below to download or view a larger version:

Nebuloni Spiked Leather Soles Nebuloni Spiked Rubber Soles Nebuloni Plain Leather Soles Nebuloni Plain Rubber Soles

Extra Spike

If you wish you can choose to have an extra spike in the sole in the style of Ben Hogan.

Personalised sole

With either of the leather soles, you can choose to have your initials (maximum 3) stamped onto the arch of the sole. There is no option when ordering to specify this, but you can add a comment in the notes.


As standard we use ScorpionSTINGER™ soft spikes from Champ Spikes in all our shoes with SMALL-THREAD fasteners.

Should you need to change them, you can choose any spike with the same fastener but you will need a Wrench like one of these to remove and replace the spikes. If you don't want to do this yourself, very often your local pro will have one, or similar, and will be happy to change them for you.

Leather Options

All of our models come with at least one leather choice, and some come with two. When ordering you will see Main Leather and possibly Relief Leather. The following table shows which models come with which leather options:

Model Gender Main Leather Relief Leather
Milano Male Toecap and heel Rest of shoe
Saddle Male Rest of shoe Laces area
Rino Male/Female Toecap and heel Rest of shoe
Classic Male/Female Toecap, heel and laces Rest of shoe
Aristocratic Male/Female Toecap and heel Rest of shoe
California Male/Female Toecap and heel Rest of shoe
Eduardo Male All the shoe N/A
Gail Female Rest of shoe Laces area
Patrizia Female Laces area and bottom of shoe Middle section

Leather Types

Type Description
Calf is a soft plain look leather. It can be used on any part of the shoe but is a good choice for areas of the shoe that bend.
Luxor is a sort of distressed look and medium soft. It can be used on any part of the shoe but works well on the toecap or heel as in this picture.
Patent is a shiny medium soft leather. It should not really be chosen for any part of the shoes that bends since it will crack. It is best suited to the toecap or laces area as in this picture.
Pebble is a grained medium hard leather. It is also best suited to the toecap or laces area as in this picture.
Perforated is a soft drilled leather with many holes. It is also best suited to the relief area of some shoes as in this picture.
Woven is interleaved strips of leather either in one or two colours. It is best suited to the laces area on some shoes such as Saddle or Gail.

Leather Colours

There are a seemingly endless list of leather type and colour combinations but still you may see colours in images or across the web that are not selectable here, or even a colour you might like but are not listed. If so, please send us an e-mail with a request and we wil see if they are available.

At some times, some leathers may not be available and some leather colours vary slightly when we receive them from the tannery.


Some of our models come with a Kiltie (a flap over the laces), notably the Aristocratic and Classic. This Kiltie is only attached by the laces themselves and so can be easily removed if not required.


By default, all prices are shown including European VAT (sales tax - currently 21%) until the point you enter your postal address, either while viewing the cart or during checkout. If your destination is outside the European Union, the tax will be removed.

Beacuse of this, it is possible you will need to pay import duties, or local sales tax when the shoes are shipped.


Every pair of Nebuloni shoes are handmade and customised to your specific order. Unless you or we have questions about your order, the shoes will start to be made within one or two working days. They can take up to 10 working days to make and to perform quality control.

After this the shoes will be shipped. If you are in Europe delivery should take approximately a further 3 days. If you are outside Europe, it can take up to a week.

Exclusive hand crafted golf shoes by Nebuloni

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Why professional golf players prefer Nebuloni shoes:

  • starHighly customisable to your needs
  • starPerfect fit, perfect stance
  • starHandmade and Handcrafted Quality
  • starQuick delivery, free returns


All styles of Nebuloni shoes are available in any combination of leather, colour and sole. In addition, they can be ordered in any size (ladies from 34 to 43, gentlemen from 39 to 48) including half sizes and several widths (ladies from Narrow to Double Wide, gentlemen from Narrow to Triple Wide) fittings.

Typically, the Main Leather choice will be the toecap and heel area and the Relief Leather choice will be the area with the laces. Where only one colour is possible, there will only be a Main Leather choice.


Soles are available in Leather Spike (1), Leather (2), Rubber (3) and Rubber Spike (4).

Nebuloni Shoe Soles


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